About Dermawand

1The dermawand is a beauty product that promises to help reduce and get rid of wrinkles. On their commercials it shows women that have experienced dramatic results but that of course leaves the question if it really works? Well lets start with an understanding of what the dermawand does as it uses radio frequency to massage out the wrinkles. From those who use the dermawand they can attest to the fact that it is not painful and not supposed to be painful. There are nine settings to the dermawand and the one that you choose is the setting you are comfortable. The company advises one to work their way up the latter so to speak when it comes to the dermawand settings. The next thing to look at is of course price and the dermawand is not something that is cheap which naturally causes one to want to make sure that it works before they get the product.

The truth about the product is that nothing is as quick as it is made to seem while the Dermawand is a great product that does work the dramatic results take time to achieve. For those that are short on time they may really want to think about the product before buying because many people are using the product twice a day when they do the treatment and it takes about ten minutes for the treatment to be complete. It is through time that one will see results there are some results that are great after just three weeks but the product is made for a slow transformation over time and is made to be used for a long period of time in order to be able to get the results that one desires.


DermaWand & How To Reduce The Signs of Aging

1Life is full of challenges that we as a people must face on a daily basis. These challenges can come in the mental and the physical forms. With this type of stress, the body begins to breakdown, and it starts to age prematurely. For example, the face is where “father time” seems to do most of its damage. The signs of aging such as crows feet and laugh lines become prevalent and noticeable. There are a number of creams, pills and potions on the market, but a majority of them are full of hype. As of today, there is one product that is revolutionizing the anti-age sector, and it’s known as Dermawand.

Just What is DermaWand

DermaWand fights the sign of aging by the use of radio frequency, which is the same innovative technology that medical specialists use in the work environment. This instant stimulation at a much lower amplitude, which allows the user to use it at home. Depending on the person in question, this device can cause dramatic effects in the shortest period of time. Father time has his grip on all of us, but there are some things we can do to slow its regressive actions and this is one of the better ways.

What Does DermaWand Actually Do

This device helps the skin to heal itself in a more natural kind of way. Enriched oxygen and thermal energy is what it delivers, and it delivers it in steady dosages. This enriched oxygen can reduces pore size, purifies the skin and cleanses. The device can be use on the entire face such as around the eyes, lips, cheeks and the forehead. DermaWand is changing life for the better especially for those who are suffering from the acts of aging.